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SaunasUSA is a company dedicated to the health, fitness and well being of its clients.
We specialize in unique utilizations of the traditional Finnish sauna, as well as, offering related products
that both enhance and support the sauna experience.

Benefits of high Heat & Cold Therapy

Taking an Ice Bath Can Help You Burn Body Fat, New Research Says

These findings may convince you to take an ice-cold dip and reap the benefits. Have you ever submersed yourself in a freezing cold ice bath? If you’re wondering, “Why the heck would I subject myself to such a brutally chilling experience?” just [...]

The Magic of Sweating & Saunas with William Randall

Today, we chat with William Randall from about the magic of sweating, Lakota sweat lodges, the power of rituals, a deep dive into the world of saunas (heat shock proteins, infrared vs. traditional, health benefits, costs, maintenance), and much more. Bill [...]

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