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Saunas USA is a company founded on educating fitness, health and longevity-oriented customers on the significant science based benefits of traditional high heat saunas. Many people may be aware of the general physiological benefits of sweating and relaxing in saunas, hot tubs and steam rooms, but few fully understand the dramatic changes in body chemistry, endurance and longevity that come through a systematic personalized program of high heat emersion using the traditional saunas that we offer.

We offer a very specific product line for both indoor and outdoor applications geared towards the needs of specialized training facilities, personal trainers, competitive athletes and discriminating consumers. Our saunas are built from some of the finest woods, including cedar and spruce in the US and are backed by limited lifetime warranties. We only use the best heaters in the World and they also come with long term manufacturer support and warranties.

In addition to our sauna line, Saunas USA offers insulated acrylic tubs for hot and cold soaking. These tubs give the customer the ability to address both increase blood flow and muscular hypertrophy along with compression based cold therapy to reduce post workout inflammation and recovery. Used in combination with high heat saunas the physiological and mental benefits are compounded with regular use.

As you explore our site further you will have the opportunity to learn more about heat shock and cold shock proteins and understand in greater depth how you can benefit from both hyper and hypothermic training under the supervision of medical and fitness professionals.

Saunas USA