Cryotherapy vs. Ice Baths

Most of us know what an ice bath is, but what about cryotherapy? Cryotherapy is a sophisticated method of cold therapy involving three minutes of skin exposure to temperatures between -200°F to -250°F. Sounds fun, right?| While certainly fancier than a tub full of ice water, is cryotherapy any more beneficial than a simple ice bath? Coach Hayley explains in today’s daily podcast. Audio Transcript Haughey: Hey Runners Connect fans. We have a great question from Mark today. Mark: I’ve been hearing a lot about cryotherapy lately, so my question is, is cryotherapy a good recovery method in replace of an ice bath? Haughey: That’s a great question, Mark. Ice baths have long been used by runners, and there is evidence that following intense exercise, cold water mashing can reduce muscle soreness over the next few days. Other studies have found that [...]