Outdoor Saunas

Super Barrel Pro Sauna 7.12
$7,550.00 MSRP
  • Seats up to ten people
  • 9 kw Harvia heater
  • Custom Signature Glass door
  • Custom Interior Mat
  • Custom Exterior Mat

The Super Barrel 7.12 PRO barrel sauna is the largest barrel available and can be used in both larger group settings as well as for specific adaptations.  The SB 7.12 can accommodate 10-12 people and is best suited to more commercial applications including coaching, training and group experiences. These saunas are equipped with high heat 10 kwH heaters which allow for inside temperatures in excess of 200 F. The PRO 7.12 also allows for removal of the standard interior benches in order to accommodate additional resistance training inside of the sauna during heat exposure.

Enjoy the inside variable LED lighting as well as the standard accessories of water bucket, ladle, stones and combination thermometer and hygrometer.  Adding water over the stones adds considerable humidity to the sauna and thus enhances the overall experience.  The PRO series saunas are typically designed for outdoor use and can also be adapted to mobile use with the addition of a trailer and tie downs.

Additional sauna upgrades including a rear window, rain jacket and interior back rests are all available upon request.

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