Vertical Movement System

G-Nat V5
$2,150.00 MSRP

G-NAT™ is another innovative and patent pending product line designed and developed by Brendle Systems, taking exercise to the next level of science and technology.

The mission of G-NAT™ is to improve the life of as many people as possible, by producing products that will be safer and more ergonomic for the body, and save precious time, being a sustainable exercise modality for everyone at all ages, sizes and condition levels.

G-NAT™ is a personal exercise system that you do at your own pace and intensity. Results come fast with less time invested. Life is enjoyed outside the gym and rehab center, so spend less time in it.
Life is fast, be faster.

Designed for a light commercial environment, this unit fits well in an office, or school space where a slightly smaller profile is preferred. The VMS5 mounts securely to a wood stud wall with engineered screws, or to a concrete wall with concrete wedge anchors. (anchors not included) The VMS5 requires only an equivalent to approximately 1 square foot of floor space infant of a wall. It is recommended to have a 7 foot wide by 11 foot working space in front of the unit.
Images show the VBSET band kit sold separately. Custom colors are not stock, and additional cost varies depending on the color combination.


  • VBSET (Vertical Band Set)
  • Custom Colors: Request a quote for available colors and cost.
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